At contract signing in Lawrence Village Hall (L–R): Jeff Leb, secretary of PPL; Carolyn Matulewicz, PPL director; Samuel Francis, president of PPL; Alex H. Edelman, mayor of Lawrence; and Ronald Goldman, village administrator

The Peninsula Public Library has entered into a contract with the Village of Lawrence to purchase a parcel of land at the corner of Central Avenue and Lawrence Avenue in the parking area next to Zion Park. This is the culmination of many months of negotiations between the village and the library. The new site is only a few blocks away from the library’s current location and will be accessible to its patrons through public-transit options, including bus and railroad, and will provide sufficient parking spaces.

Samuel Francis, president of the Peninsula Public Library, said, “Our library is consistently one of the most heavily utilized public libraries in Nassau County while providing services to the residents of School District 15 from an aging and undersized facility with inadequate parking spaces. The board of trustees has been searching for many years for a property with a central location and of suitable size so that the library could better serve the needs and interests of our vibrant community.”

“We are very happy that this agreement has finally come to fruition, and view this as a win-win for the residents of the village as well as the wider school district. This occasion marks the beginning of a historic opportunity to work together on constructing a beautiful new state-of-the-art library and community center, serving all our patrons with materials, programs, services, and meeting space, from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between.”

Alex H. Edelman, mayor of the Village of Lawrence, said, “On behalf of the board of trustees of the Village of Lawrence, we are delighted to have reached this agreement with the Peninsula Public Library. The village will benefit from the proceeds of the sale of this property, and the eventual sale of the existing library building will likely generate additional tax revenues. This deal will also keep the library in Lawrence and transform the Zion Park area into a community hub.”

Residents of the school district will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to proceed with the acquisition, financing, and development of the new library site. The new library building is expected to be more than double the size of the existing library and have twice the amount of parking spaces for patrons. The library administration and staff look forward to providing residents with additional information and ongoing updates over the coming months to ensure a fully transparent and democratic process. The community will also be solicited for input and suggestions throughout this process so that the new library is optimally designed to provide the facilities and resources that its patrons both desire and deserve. 


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