The most disastrous, destructive force brought about by Sandy has affected the Lido Beach Synagogue community tremendously. The community has been without lights and heat for over two weeks and only now are they getting back to a semblance of normalcy.

Amidst all of this turmoil, the Lido Beach family, the mara d’asra, Rabbi Daniel H. Mehlman, and his rebbetzin, Mimi, have worked tenaciously to continue to bring spirituality to maintain Shabbos services and positive chizuk to those who have become depressed and frustrated at their plight.

A beautiful poem by Louise Hawkins reads as follows “And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of G‑d that shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.” That is what the Lido Beach Synagogue family has offered to all those who suffered so much and lost so much, that we will survive through our bitachon and strong faith in Hashem.

It was amazing to see these past few Shabbasos, that in the midst of darkness Lido Beach Synagogue conducted all the davening and Rebbetzin Mimi prepared a hot cholent and kiddush to warm the hearts and stomachs of those who came to daven. Special thanks to Susan and Joseph Yunger for opening their home for everyone’s needs at this most crucial time.

The shul has become the center for clothing and for food for those who are in need. They have found homes for those who have been displaced. The community has come together to help neighbors and friends.

They are working diligently to open their doors so that the Hebrew School may be maintained to continue to educate children in the Jewish way of life.

Anyone interested in helping the Lido Beach Synagogue family please contact Rabbi Daniel H. Mehlman at 516-330-6007.


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