Bnos Malka Chumash presentation. On February 12 and 13, the 2nd-grade students at Bnos Malka Academy took part in a huge milestone event: they made a beautiful Chumash presentation for family and friends and received their Chumashim, amidst great pomp and excitement. The students’ enthusiasm was palpable as they walked on stage and their smiles were contagious! The performance, which included live music by Mrs. Adina Wein, dancing, singing, props, and speaking parts, showcased some of the knowledge the students acquired about learning Chumash and was presented completely in Hebrew. The students displayed poise and self-confidence throughout their performance, and even more amazing, their incredible teachers, Mrs. Yanni, and Mrs. Hollander, worked hard to make sure that the rehearsals were always fun and stress free, so that the play was an enjoyable experience for the students from start to finish.

Although the 2nd grade has been learning pre-Chumash skills since the beginning of the year, they waited until they finished the first two perakim of Parashas Lech-Lecha to make their presentation. What a great way to mark this accomplishment!

As part of the 2nd-grade Chumash curriculum, students learn the necessary skills to be able to break down a pasuk into its various parts independently. They spend a lot of time on shorashim and parts of speech. They also look intensely into the deeper meaning and extract the important life lessons to be learned. Often, our students can look at a pasuk, and come up with Rashi’s question on it, all on their own–and they haven’t even officially begun to learn Rashi yet!

After the students’ delightful presentation, the students were called up one by one to receive their Chumash, complete with the decorative and original Chumash covers each girl designed herself. We wish the 2nd-grade students much hatzlachah as they continue to grow in Torah, and we wish their families much joy and nachas from them!

Bais Yaakov 4th-graders link the past and future. As a most ambitious endeavor, Mrs. Evelyn Hefetz, a most creative and energetic 4th-grade teacher, undertook a project with her students that students’ families and they will treasure forever. Publishing cookbooks is a difficult task for professionals, but Mrs. Hefetz’s courage never diminished. Integrating writing, interviewing, shared memories, history, and cooking, students gathered stories and favorite recipes from their families. They all loved the special time they spent with the relative of their choice, too, making the project even more special. The love they feel for their “special person” comes through with every word they write about them.

The cookbook is filled with meaningful stories and delicious family recipes for yom tov, Shabbos, or any day. The bound copies look fantastic! Each student was given a gift of the book to share her published work. “Memoir and Cookbook” is something the girls and their families will cherish forever.

Upon seeing the printed copy, Mrs. Bergman and Mrs. Reisbaum congratulated the girls on their hard work and tremendous efforts. Students presented them with copies, too. “I am surprised at the depth of the voices expressed in the pieces, because they are young writers,” Mrs. Reisbaum added.

Condolences . . .

To the Neiss families of Kew Gardens Hills and Riverdale on the petirah of their father, Rabbi Edmund Neiss.

HaMakom yenachem eschem b’soch sh’ar aveilei Tziyon v’Yerushalayim.

Mazal Tov . . .

To the Weinstein and Dinovitser families on the marriage of Aderet and Moshe. v

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