Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.19.03 AMAs I travel the country with  my tourists, I often  welcome the opportunity  for chance observations  and  conversations.

Let me  share  one such conversation I had last week with a  young Israeli  woman who lives on the Golan Heights.

I met her in the dining room of a beautiful holiday village on the Golan where she  was  working this  summer as a waitress..

When I found out  that she lived in a near by village on  the Golan Heights, I wanted to get a sense of how she  felt about where she lived. After all, the Golan Heights has been a controversial issue for as  long as it  has been in Israeli hands, in the 1967 Six  Day war.

I asked  her if she  would ever entertain the  idea  of abandoning the Golan and her home for  “peace”. I must say that I expected an  absolute negative  response. I was  surprised then when she said that for peace she  would indeed give  up the territory and  her home. After all that has  transpired in our  country and region since the heady Oslo days of illusion, I was  certain that an intelligent local resident would know  better…, but no, she insisted that guaranteed peace and not land is most important.
OK, she has taken the wisdom of Shimon Peres  very seriously.

I  asked her, theoretically speaking, would  she  agree to giving  away the Galilee as  well  for “peace”.  She  said  she  would.
I pressed her, what  about the  whole country except  for  greater Tel Aviv, if  guaranteed peace is more important than land? She  hesitated and then following her own logic and said, yes.

I still thought that she was not a complete  fool so I asked her , “and what if, just for arguments  sake, all the Jews of Israel were  transferred out to a comfortable place   and there, were  guaranteed peace?
She now was  very emphatic and said,” No! We need a Jewish  country!”
We can not be safe with out one”
I was  confused.
I did not  follow her logic at this point. If guaranteed peace and  safety is  more important than land…?

Now  what  was  missing in her education, to bring her and many of her generation to such convoluted, confusing thoughts?

This  was food for thought  for me.



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