Aliza Beer

By Larry Gordon

So you want to lose weight? I mean, really get things in control and trim down? Arguably, that is a difficult goal to achieve without some smart and effective guidance, and that is where Aliza Beer comes into the picture.

Aliza lives in the Five Towns and has an office in the heart of Cedarhurst. You may have noticed her health-conscious food line stocked at Gourmet Glatt. She is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition who has been working with clients, including many physicians, around the country for 15 years. Many of her clients have diabetes, heart disease, or gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s, IBS, celiac, and reflux.

“During the COVID-19 quarantine situation, the reality is that people were home or working from home,” Ms. Beer says. “And that led to eating or snacking more than usual, which resulted in unwanted weight gain for many.”

The Aliza Beer method is a manageable diet that allows clients to consume their food in a satisfying way but also intelligently, so that one learns about proper food intake while systematically reducing the unwanted weight accumulated — whether over the last few months or over a lifetime.

“The United States is the most overweight country in the world,” Aliza says. All kinds of foods are so readily available, people make poor food choices, and so many lead a sedentary lifestyle.”

“Exercise is helpful,” she says, “but 70–80% of weight loss is diet. I’m not anti-exercise; being active is certainly important, but we teach adapting a way of life that helps you lose weight. It’s that simple.”

On the matter of fad diets that induce quick weight loss, Aliza is not a fan and does not encourage it. “In most cases, people on these diets gain all their weight back,” Aliza says.

“I teach my clients how to eat,” she says. “It might take a little time, but it is effective.”

If you are looking to knock off pounds, Aliza Beer is the success story you want to attach yourself to. Call her for an initial consultation at 516-984-3333. She is available for Zoom or phone sessions as well.


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