Menachem Lubinsky

Lubicom, one of the leading marketing firms for the kosher and Jewish markets, has emerged as the major business consulting firm in the community. Headed by Menachem Lubinsky, an accomplished and noted business authority, the consulting services include a broad range of options ranging from the development of business plans, reviewing the tract of a business, mergers and acquisitions, and preparing businesses for investment opportunities. Mr. Lubinsky is first and foremost a strategic business professional who is frequently consulted by businesses of all sizes.

“We are particularly working with many businesses to position themselves for growth in this post-COVID era.” said Mr. Lubinsky. “This is the time to reassess the positioning of a business and to firmly establish it for the future.”

Menachem Lubinsky’s business consulting division has grown significantly in recent years, providing business consulting services to over 250 businesses, ranging from start-ups to large multinational companies. E-mail Mr. Lubinsky or find out more information at his new website.


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