The SKA Modesty Awareness Committee by Students (MACS)
The SKA Modesty Awareness Committee by Students (MACS)
The SKA Modesty Awareness Committee by Students (MACS)

By Rikki Bulka, SKA ’13

Can you be fashionable and modest at the same time? Yes!

On Thursday, May 23, the auditorium at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls was transformed into a live studio courtesy of MACS (Modesty Awareness Committee by Students). “How to be a MACSanista,” a special exciting program hosted by faculty member Mrs. Dena Kobre and eleventh-grader Chavi Seidenfeld, helped inspire both the closets and hearts of the audience.

First, we were taken on a virtual shopping trip with our favorite teachers MACSanistas, Mrs. Rochel Chafetz and Mrs. Elizabeth Rosenfeld. (Ms. Erica Chaimowitz joined us on video since she was on the school’s Berlin trip.) Afterwards, Mrs. Chafetz and Mrs. Rosenfeld enlightened us with their outlook on clothing, even allowing us the opportunity to check out their wardrobes! For the highlight of the program, Mrs. Carolina Yaghoubzadeh of Milan, Italy shared her story of her entry into the world of fashion and how she combines fashion and tzniyus in her designs. She even gave us a sneak peek at her new collection of modest clothing. (For more details, visit To end the event, the MACS students presented their own outfits that they had put together with the help of local stores Debbie’s Closet and FAME; our teacher MACSanistas helped to rearrange accessories to make each outfit both stylish and tzniyusdik!

This program would have been impossible without the guidance of Mrs. Elie Kaminetsky, director of religious guidance at SKA, and Mrs. Dena Kobre, the assistance of Aliza Schwartzblatt in the office of student programming, and the kindness of neighborhood stores Debbie’s Closet and Fame, and also Junee, who allowed us to film there. Much thanks also goes to Jorge Bienenfeld for producing an incredible video, and of course, all of our MACS committee members and MACSanistas! v


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