Rabbi Kenneth Hain
Rabbi Kenneth Hain
Rabbi Kenneth Hain

The beautiful home of Shlomie and Malkie Scharf was filled to capacity with devoted friends of Madraigos on Sunday morning, June 23, for the annual Five Towns breakfast. The constant flow of passionate supporters throughout the morning included the Scharfs’ family and friends as well as local rabbanim and members of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway community. This overwhelming response was a testament to the Scharfs’ enthusiasm and dedicated support for Madraigos’s mission. With the theme of the morning–One Goal, One Community, One Step at a Time–the community clearly banded together for teens, young adults, and families.

In the powerful style befitting his reputation, Rabbi Kenneth Hain, senior rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom, shared words of chizuk and inspiration. He praised Madraigos for its efforts in helping our youth and asked the assembled guests to open their hearts and their hands to enable Madraigos to continue to help each Jew in our community. Rabbi Hain gave the organization a berachah for even greater siyata d’Shmaya and continued hatzlachah.

Mr. Avi Wald, a good friend of Madraigos, who has been involved for many years, shared several poignant stories of Rabbi Silver’s unwavering dedication to Madraigos members who struggled with serious issues and ultimately found themselves in dire circumstances. Mr. Wald recognized that with the loving care and support Rabbi Silver provides, Madraigos youth feel empowered and better equipped to face their challenges and overcome them.

Rabbi Dov Silver, founder and executive V.P. of Madraigos, extended warm words of praise and appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Scharf for their gracious hospitality in making this year’s event enjoyable, meaningful, and successful in every way. Rabbi Silver remarked that “the existence and growth of Madraigos is a result of sincere, committed friends like the Scharfs. I am touched by their genuine sensitivity to the special needs of our teens and young adults and I am deeply humbled by their warmth and dedication.”

To the credit of Shlomie and Malkie Scharf and the devoted members of the event committee, Madraigos was introduced to many new friends, from the Five Towns and surrounding communities. “It was my goal to spread awareness and raise funds for Madraigos, a dynamic organization,” said Mr. Scharf. “My support and enthusiasm for its work is predicated not only on its unbelievable growth and development as an organization, but on its remarkable success in achieving its unique mission.”

“We are thrilled with the wonderful turnout from local supporters and rabbanim,” said Rabbi Josh Zern, executive director of Madraigos. “We hope to build upon these relationships as we grow even stronger in our ability to effectively meet the needs of our youth and community.”

Madraigos was founded in 2003 to address the urgent needs among local struggling teens and young adults engaged in unhealthy behaviors. It has now matured into a nationally respected organization offering a broad array of programs and services for teens, young adults, and their families as well as services focused on the community at large.

For more information about Madraigos, please see www.madraigos.org or call the office at 516-371-3250. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rabbi Josh Zern at 516-371-3250, ext. 5. v


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