Once again, Madraigos will focus on young adults and families this Rosh Hashanah. In response to Madraigos participants’ calls for a meaningful Rosh Hashanah program, Rabbi Dov Silver, founder and executive V.P., Yaakov Gade, and the dedicated committee have designed a program for those who may not otherwise attend shul or benefit from a warm yom tov atmosphere.
In the heart of the scenic Catskill Mountains, Madraigos will provide unique inspiration on the spectacular grounds of Honors Haven in Ellenville. Madraigos’ Rosh Hashanah program offers meaningful davening, engaging classes, and stimulating discussion groups led by worldwide presenters including Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, founder and dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey and founder and director of Project Y.E.S.; Rabbi David Clyman, director of The Executive Jewish Enrichment Group; and Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, director of NCSY NY.

Every year, participants come away inspired and exhilarated, bringing them closer to their heritage. In the loving and supportive environment Madraigos offers, the participants seize the opportunity to explore their personal role as a Jew in the tumultuous world that surrounds them. The tender memories of the singing, the davening, and the friendships last throughout the year. The wonderful feedback Madraigos has received from prior years proves that their efforts are worthwhile.

Here is an excerpt of a letter from a young mother who attended the program last year. “The non-judgmental, family-oriented, and friendly atmosphere was core to the success of the program. I kept on hearing statements from the young participants like “I would have no Rosh Hashanah without Madraigos.” The absolute highlight of my yom tov was right before Ma’ariv and havdalah, when men and women gathered around to share their personal stories of inspiration from the past 48 hours together. We listened as one person after the next, without much prompting, stood up and spoke from the heart, describing what this Rosh Hashanah meant to them. No doubt it opened up a small window to all those gathered there into the world of Madraigos and how it plays such an important role in the lives of so many young adults in our community.

A few spots are still available. For more information, please contact Eta Bienenstock at 917-330-5375 or e-mail etabien@gmail.com. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Rabbi Josh Zern at 516-371-3250, ext. 5 or e-mail jzern@madraigos.org.


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