Madraigos Parent Reunion


On December 25, Madraigos convened members of the past five effective parenting groups for review and inspiration. Based on their relationships with group members, co-facilitators Rena Kutner, MFT, and Rivki Rosenwald, Esq. MFT CLC, felt it would be helpful to parents to arrange an evening dedicated to providing encouragement as they work hard to implement the tools they’ve learned.

Mindi Werblowsky, LMSW, clinical director, opened the program by introducing Mrs. Kutner and Mrs. Rosenwald. She thanked them for going above and beyond in helping group members over the past two years, noting that in certain circumstances, in order to address a more complex situation, recommendations were made to access the broader scope of Madraigos’ services.

Mrs. Kutner and Mrs. Rosenwald reinforced key concepts covered in the parenting groups including the benefit of building and maintaining an ongoing relationship with one’s child, as it’s the only way to parent effectively. Perhaps, more importantly, they empowered parents to address the challenges that present themselves on the long journey of parenting.

Questions were submitted by parents beforehand on issues of personal concern, such as, “Is punishing my child effective?”, “What are alternatives to punishing?”, “How do we help our children cope with peer pressure as they get older?”, and “How do we build our child’s positive self-esteem?”

Parents felt the camaraderie built on a common bond between them. The warm, secure environment that The Lounge at Madraigos provides set the perfect stage for meeting and mingling. One parent said, “We have to really HEAR our children, have empathy and respect for them.” Another parent shared a particular idea that she found helpful which is, “Forget the past — there is always a future.”

Rivki Rosenwald remarked, “At the close of each parenting education support group, parents were quite candid that they wished it would continue. Therefore, we provided a thought-out question-answer night addressing specific challenges. People literally canceled plans to join the refresher and afterwards, sent a barrage of emails to have them more often! We are glad we can provide support!

“We are so impressed with these parents for continuing to work on bettering their relationships with kids and gain from other parents in this universal struggle we all share in raising our adolescents today,” commented Rena Kutner.

Mindi Werblowsky said, “It was inspiring and gratifying to see so many of our parent graduates join us for this reunion. The feedback was extremely positive and by the next morning, my inbox was full of letters expressing how much chizuk they got from this event and requesting similar reunions on a much more regular basis. The true heroes of the event are the parents themselves who returned ready to openly discuss their struggles and continuously learn how to parent more effectively. Yasher koach to each and every one of them for their incredible strength and devotion to their children.”

For more information on effective parenting groups and the Parenting Matters program, please contact Mindi Werblowsky at 516-371-3250, ext. 112 or


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