After a relatively mild winter in terms of snow accumulation, a looming powerful coastal storm threatens to bury the tri-state area by the weekend, forecasters say.

Meteorologists say while the track of the storm remains very much uncertain at this point, the computer models are beginning to agree that a significant coastal system is likely to hit the region on Friday.

The storm is expected to bring rain to some parts of the region and snow to others with varying degrees of intensity depending on the track of the storm.

Right now, forecasters say the models suggest the storm could pack a powerful punch of all forms of precipitation, dumping more than 6 inches — perhaps more than a foot — of snow and heavy rain along the coast, and whipping winds could mean accumulation over a wider swath of land.

Some computer models predict blizzard-like conditions that could cripple travel throughout the Northeast. Others indicate snow early Friday afternoon will transition rapidly to rain.

Meteorologists say it’s too early to tell whether the city will be hit with the brunt of the rain or snow front, but the worst part of the storm, whichever form of precipitation it brings the Big Apple, will likely be late Friday into Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, temperatures are expected to climb a bit Wednesday, hitting the 40-degree mark for the first time in nearly a week. Morning clouds will give way to afternoon sun, which will make it feel even warmer.

Temperatures drop again Thursday to about the freezing mark as Friday’s storm approaches.

Source: NBC 4 NY


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