By Yossi Baumol

Rav Dov Singer and Yeshivat Makor Chaim hosted over 2000 people at Jerusalem’s “First Station” for a festive musical Rosh Chodesh Adar prayer and study experience. Every Rosh Chodesh and Chol HaMoed, Makor Chaim’s “Spiritual Renewal Outreach Center”  hosts a musical festive prayer and study experience in different places in Israel and sometimes even overseas. The Adar Bet Rosh Chodesh event was dedicated to world peace and the safety of the Jewish community in Ukraine – the cradle of the Chassidic movement. 

Just before the moving, foot-stomping Hallel service led by Aharon Razael, Rabbi Singer said “If we really want peace, we need to turn to the true ‘PeaceMaker’ in Heaven – ‘Oseh Shalom B’mromov”. We appeal to all world leaders – peace conferences should really be prayer conferences! We are here praying in Jerusalem’s ‘First Station’, but really we are getting closer to the ‘Final Station’ and we pray that the special power of the month of Adar ‘V’nahafoch Hu’ will convert war into peace for all mankind.” 

Tens of thousands take part in Makor Chaim’s outreach programs annually, programs which were awarded the President’s “Hope for Israel” Education Prize for their “Commitment and extensive efforts to strengthen the partnership and bonding between the different sectors of Israeli society.” 

Rabbi Singer, who ended his last trip to the US two years ago to become one of Israel’s first Covid patients, recently returned for the first time to continue his work in teacher education. Last month, eighty educators from across the country participated in Makor Chaim’s  “Lifnai V’Lifnim” 2022 Winter Seminar held at Cong. Keter Torah in Teaneck. Rabbi Singer was accompanied by his son, Yishai Singer, director of the Lifnai V’Lifnim Educator Training program in Israel, Colonel (Res.) Rafi Wolfson, the new director of the Makor Chaim Institutions in Israel and Yossi Baumol, director of development.

Five US schools including SAR, Kushner and Maayanot in the New York metropolitan area have been undergoing intensive, year-long educator development programs run by Makor Chaim with both online and in person training. With the help of the Mayberg Foundation as well as sorely needed new partners, an additional 5 schools are hoping to take part in the program next year. 

In addition to Makor Chaim’s many educational programs, they are spearheading the construction of a new educational center on the historic “Derech Ha’Avot” in Gush Etzion, southwest of Neve Daniel in memory of their students kidnapped and murdered in the summer of 2014.

Those planning to visit Israel over the Passover holiday should make a point of joining Makor Chaim’s festive service to be held in Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue on Chol HaMoed, Thursday morning, April 21st, to be led by the renowned Chassidic music superstar Yitzchak Meir. 


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