If you met Malka Marmer in the school halls, you might not imagine that she figure-skates before hundreds of people. Malka is an enthusiastic G.O. treasurer, a frequent writer for the Shalhevet newsletter, and a passionate Zionist–all while maintaining a straight-A average in a full load of honors and AP classes. She is full of energy and always busy. Yet she is quiet about her prestigious talent.

Malka has been figure-skating since she was ten years old. Now she learns from top-notch coaches. One of Malka’s instructors placed sixth in the Olympics, and the other coached the Israeli Olympic team. Despite her busy school life, Malka makes time to practice three times per week. Her hard work has paid off: she has competed in both test-track and free-skate contests all over the East Coast (from Cape Cod to the Hershey Park Sports Complex) and hopes to continue participating in competitions in years to come. In addition, Malka is currently training to become a certified ice-skating coach.

Malka says that figure skating gives her “time to think.” When she skates, she feels “free and graceful.” Malka is grateful to her parents for supporting her and her talent. And she is thrilled to be surrounded by such encouraging teachers and enthusiastic peers at Shalhevet. v


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