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The Mesivta Ateres Yaakov community looks forward to its upcoming annual dinner to be held Monday, May 20 at the Sands at Atlantic Beach. The event will celebrate what has made MAY truly “Your Yeshiva for Life.”

Under the leadership of the rosh ha’yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, shlita, the mesivta is a warm and inspiring makom Torah that shapes the quality of its talmidim’s lives not only during the high-school years, but beyond as well. Students are instilled with a lifelong commitment to Torah and are provided with a solid educational foundation. Alumni are informed bnei Torah, prepared to succeed as professionals, husbands, fathers, and contributing members of Klal Yisrael. Most notably, the dedicated rebbeim are always there to support MAY’s graduates as they pursue meaningful and successful lives.

“Our theme for the dinner, ‘Your Yeshiva for Life,’ exemplifies our commitment to our talmidim from the moment they enter ninth grade through the many milestones they reach in life. MAY’s doors are always open and it is our goal to empower our talmidim to be strong bnei Torah on the varied paths they choose to pursue,” said Rabbi Yaffe. “We are looking forward to paying tribute to our honorees, who are role models and represent the best of MAY’s values and vision for our talmidim.”

Guests of Honor: Avi and Goldie Dreyfuss. Avi and Goldie are the proud parents of two MAY talmidim — Dovie (Class of ‘17) and Eli (9th grade). They are also the parents of Dina (TAG graduate; graduating Queens College this month with a master’s in accounting) and Shira (6th grade, TAG). Avi is a CPA and CFO of an asset management firm in New York City. Goldie is a CPA and attorney who runs an accounting and law practice with her father. Avi is also a MAY trustee and officer who, together with Goldie, will stop at nothing when it comes to their children’s education. They are Cedarhurst residents and members of the Chofetz Chaim Torah Center, where Avi serves as president.

Parents of the Year: Dr. Yechiel and Brenda Berkowitz. Yechiel and Brenda are model parents, dedicated to the growth of their son, Natan (11th grade), and regularly involved in initiatives that benefit the talmidim and the community. They are also the parents of Yaeli (MHS graduate and Queens College), Chavi (LBY and Queens College), Faigy (7th grade, TAG), Matisyahu (6th grade, YOSS), Dovid (2nd grade, YOSS), and, most recently, Devora Rivka (newborn). Yechiel is a physician and Brenda is a pharmacist. The Berkowitzes recently moved to Cedarhurst from Brooklyn, and are members of Kehillas Bais Yehuda Tzvi.

Dedication of The Bahn Otzer HaSeforim: In Memory of Dr. Saul Bahn, z’l. The Bahn Family and Dr. Yisroel and Susie Samson are dedicating the yeshiva’s Otzer HaSeforim as a perennial z’chus in memory of Dr. Saul Bahn, z’l, who was niftar this past September. Dr. Bahn, along with his wife Annette, was a longtime Cedarhurst resident and an esteemed member of Kehilla Ateres Yaakov. Three of the Bahns’ grandchildren are MAY talmidim — Yosef Samson (Class of ‘15), Natan Samson (Class of ‘17), and Dovid Samson (10th grade).

Celebrating the Class of 2009. Over the past decade, the members of the Class of 2009 have continued their growth as bnei Torah, have become leaders in their respective communities, and have realized the ideals and values instilled in them by their beloved mesivta.

The dinner will showcase a year of “MAY Milestones,” including the Yaffe Legacy Hachnassas Sefer Torah, the Ehrenfeld Aron Kodesh dedication, the Grand Siyum of over 110 masechtos, the Mekor Chaim Night Kollel, the first MAY 5K Run, the second annual Wisnicki and Associates MAY Madness Alumni Reunion Tournament, and the completion of phase 1 of the campus expansion project, the Shaulson Gymnasium.

The entire community is encouraged to attend and pay tribute to the mesivta, its hanhalah, and rebbeim, as well as its distinguished honorees. For further information, to make reservations, or for dedication opportunities, please contact the mesivta’s office at 516-374-6465 or


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