V'ha'arev Nah at MAY


“V’ha’arev Nah” Continues.

A number of years ago, Rabbi Yehuda Orlansky, 12th-grade rebbe at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov, introduced the “V’ha’arev Nah” program to his talmidim. The program, which was recently highlighted in Mishpacha Magazine, encourages talmidim through a variety of methods to engage in a tremendous amount of chazarah until they truly “own” a masechta.

As one of the components to the novel approach to bekiyus learning, talmidim participate in several “retzufos sedarim” throughout the year. Aside from the delicious fare that is provided before and after the seder, the primary goal is for talmidim to learn completely uninterrupted for an extended period of time. Before yom tov, both 12th-grade shiurim — all 45 talmidim — remained in yeshiva after a full day of learning and engaged in the first retzufah seder of the year, learning uninterrupted for two hours straight. The seder concluded with a delicious seudah, divrei Torah from Rabbi Tzvi Soroka, and leibedik singing and dancing.

“Much of the success we are seeing from our talmidim has to do with the time and energy our senior rebbeim, Rabbi Yehuda Orlansky, Rabbi Yehoshua Robinson, and Rabbi Yonason Sprung, expend for their shiurim,” commented Rabbi Yossi Bennett, assistant menahel, “They give over lev v’nefesh for our talmidim, and the bachurim feel that.”

Rabbi Yonasan Sprung, the first honors shiur rebbe to have adopted the “V’ha’arev Nah” program into his bekiyus shiur, commented, “My goal is that my talmidim gain skills in lomdus and a geshmak in learning during our iyun shiur, and another geshmak in mastery of a masechta during our bekiyus shiur.”

The talmidim from both shiurim took a trip a few weeks ago to visit Rabbi Dovid Neuman, the mastermind behind this groundbreaking movement, and inaugurated the program for this z’man.

This year’s V’ha’arev Nah learning is dedicated by the Newman Family Foundation in the z’chus of a refuah sheleimah for Naomi Leah bas Rivkah Anya. B’siyatta d’Shmaya, talmidim are learning b’hasmadah rabbah and loving every minute of it!

Freshman Team Building at MAY

Freshman team-building at MAY

Last week, the ninth grade at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov participated in an interactive team-building activity led by the director of Camp Yagilu, Rabbi Tani Prero. Talmidim learned about trust, leadership, and camaraderie and gained useful life skills from the program. This surprise visit from Rabbi Prero was in advance of the Freshman Retreat that took place this Thursday. The entire freshman class was led by their dedicated rebbeim, Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield and Rabbi Avi Schulman, on a fun-filled adventure to Indoor Extreme Sports in Long Island City. Talmidim used the “battery recharge” to bond with their rebbeim and friends, build self-confidence, and enjoy a change of scenery from their daily routine.



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