Last Thursday, Ateres Yaakov held its annual Thanksgiving father—son breakfast. Fathers joined their sons at the yeshiva for a morning of growth in ruchniyus as they enjoyed some gashmiyus too.

The morning began with a warm yeshiva Shacharis followed by a lavish catered breakfast. To begin the program, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, menahel, addressed the over 400 fathers and sons in attendance. Ohad Lobel, a talmid in the yeshivagedolah, spoke about the importance of reinforcing the achdus of KlalYisrael, particularly in these trying times. Senior Avi Terebelo, representing the mesivta student body, delivered divreiTorah. He addressed the sugya of hashgachahpratis and the necessity of seeing the yadHashem in our lives, even when things may seem otherwise.

The event also highlighted the mesivta’s annual Fall Essay Contest winners, with excerpts read from the four first-place essays. Awards and prize money were distributed by Rabbi Sam Rudansky, general studies principal, and Rabbi Yossi Bennett, assistant menahel/assistant principal.

The highlight of the breakfast was a return visit from Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, who enthralled the audience with an incredible shiur on “The Power of One,” blending Torah thoughts, entertaining anecdotes, and his commonsense advice into a masterful presentation.

One parent, whose son had graduated last year, was back again, noting, “I enjoyed it so much the past couple of years, I wanted to come again.” He was welcomed with open arms.

The program concluded with the student-government raffle of various prizes, including an Xbox, an iPad, Nets tickets, sefarim, multiple gift cards, and some happy winners.


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