By Dr. Esther Fogel

In honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month, Comprehensive Audiology is raising awareness about the importance of hearing health. Hearing loss can affect one’s communication skills with family, friends, and coworkers, and is also correlated with increases in cognitive decline, depression, hospitalization, falling, and even mortality. Considering that the rate of hearing loss approaches 30 percent for adults over the age of 65, a timely hearing evaluation can be a literal lifesaver.

Some common signs of hearing loss include straining to hear others speak, asking people to repeat themselves, and turning up the volume louder than others find comfortable. The earlier that hearing loss is discovered and treated, the more likely one is to stay active physically, socially, and cognitively — and for longer.

Contrary to popular belief, acquired hearing loss can occur at any age, due to chronic ear and other infections, certain medical conditions and medications, or exposure to loud noise. The first step to healthy hearing is hearing-loss prevention. We live and work in a loud world, but noise-induced hearing loss, which can affect adults and children of all ages, is almost always preventable. Remind yourself and your children to turn down the volume on personal listening devices and to wear hearing protection in loud situations, such as sporting events, concerts, construction sites, or weddings.

At Comprehensive Audiology, we prioritize and personalize your hearing health. We offer comprehensive hearing evaluations, the latest in hearing-aid technology, and a range of custom earplugs and hearing protection. Opt for better hearing this May!

Comprehensive Audiology will be offering complimentary hearing screenings during the entire month of May. Call 516-387-4000 to schedule your free hearing screening today. “Hears” to good hearing!

 Comprehensive Audiology is located at 261 Broadway in Lynbrook. Appointments can be made by calling 516-387-4000 or e-mailing Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, or Google.


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