MAY students on their ski trip
MAY students on their ski trip
MAY students on their ski trip

On Thursday, February 12, Mesivta Ateres Yaakov held their annual midwinter ski, snowboard, and paintball trip for the entire yeshiva. Organized by student-activities coordinators Rabbi Shlomo Drebin and Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield, the 190 talmidim and their rebbeim spent the day at Mountain Creek Ski Resort and Long Live Paintball; they finished the day with a New Jersey Dougie’s-catered dinner and a special siyum on Seder Mo’ed.

The admirable behavior of the talmidim on the trip was baruch Hashem a huge Kiddush Hashem and made their rebbeim proud. The biggest KiddushHashem was the unique Mishnayos learning program established a number of years ago by ninth-grade rebbe, Rabbi Shmuel Oratz. The entire Seder Mo’ed was divided among the talmidim of the yeshiva to learn at some point over the trip with the goal of making a siyum that evening on the limud. Many boys opted to spend the time on the bus learning together with a chavrusa, while others spent some time in the lodge when they weren’t on the slopes. The siyum that day was dedicated l’ilui nishmas Rabbi Drebin’s son, Baruch Tzvi Hersh ben Shlomo Pinchas, who was recently niftar at a very young age–a fact that encouraged every talmid to participate with great enthusiasm.

Following Shacharis, the day began with a schmooze from ninth-grade rebbe, Rabbi Avi Schulman, who highlighted the importance of striving for great heights in Torah, rising to the “top of the mountain,” and inspired the talmidim to utilize their downtime for learning throughout the trip. As a reward for winning the school-wide Yediyos Chanukah competition at the Yeshiva’s Chanukah Mesibah, the entire twelfth-grade enjoyed a gala free breakfast.

Talmidim were joined by rebbeim on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding throughout the afternoon. With only a break for lunch, Minchah, and learning, the bulk of the afternoon was action-packed.

The day’s events closed with a delicious Dougie’s dinner at the Moriah School in Englewood, NJ, and included the siyum on Seder Mo’ed, divreiTorah, a siyum on Masechta Yevamos by the menahel, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, and a digital slideshow of picture from the day’s events.

“The trip served many purposes,” commented assistant menahel Rabbi Yossi Bennett. “It helped the talmidim and rebbeim recharge their batteries during a long winter z’man, it was an opportunity to concretize relationships with friends and rebbeim outside of the yeshiva’s walls, and it was a chance to apply the growth and learning in which our talmidim engage on a daily basis in a real-world situation.”


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