MAY - Vision CoverThe College Board’s National Commission on Writing surveyed 120 major American corporations, employing nearly eight million people, and concluded that writing is the “threshold skill” for hiring and promotion among professional employees. The economy continues to become ever more competitive, and students need to be properly equipped to succeed.

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov prides itself on preparing its talmidim for the challenges of life, in both limudeikodesh and limudeichol. With this in mind, last year, the mesivta began compiling material from students for publication in a student creative writing journal. Submissions came from MAY writing competitions and also from students who submitted entries specifically for the journal. After professional editing, proofreading, and layout, the mesivta is proud to introduce the first issue of Vision: The Student Journal of Mesivta Ateres Yaakov.

The stories contained in the journal range from whimsical satires to morbid dystopias, covering the full literary spectrum. They include a two-part story about an anthropomorphic talking football, several dystopian stories, a dead man who attends his own funeral, and a horror novel about a crawlspace.

Rabbi Sam Rudansky, general studies principal, commented, “Albert Einstein once stated, ‘Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.’ The student journal is the collective, literary creativity and ingenuity of Ateres Yaakov’s students. We’re very proud of the students who contributed their works, and appreciative of the enormous amount of time our faculty advisors invested in making the journal a professional product. I believe you will find it to be an enjoyable and edifying read.”

The mesivta thanks Rabbi Yossi Bennett, assistant menahel/assistant principal; Mr. Chaim Homnick, English language arts instructor; faculty advisors; and general editors for the journal for spearheading this project and seeing it through to fruition.

The journal can be purchased on using the keywords “Vision Mesivta Ateres Yaakov.”


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