Yosef Rabinow: General Studies Valedictorian. Yosef is a ceaselessly working, never-tiring individual. A member of multiple sports teams, publications, chesed initiatives, and all honors classes, Yosef’s work ethic and leadership abilities are sights to behold. Yosef founded the peer tutoring program at MAY, spearheaded both the student newspaper, Ateres Yaakov Star, and the weekly Torah publication, Ateres HaShavua, served as G.O. treasurer and Arista president, all while taking eight AP courses in the last two years of high school. Yosef is an AP Scholar, ba’al koreh, and co-captain of Torah Bowl team. We look forward to seeing Yosef’s inevitable success as he will surely succeed in anything he puts his mind to in the future.

Avi Statfeld: MAY Limudei Kodesh Salutatorian

Avi Statfeld: Limudei Kodesh Salutatorian. Avi is one of those people who stands out and makes a difference. He always goes above and beyond for everyone, student and faculty alike. As president of the G.O., Avi placed the yeshiva and the student body ahead of himself dozens of times. His excellent middos and calm, respectful demeanor, makes him fun and easy to be around. He is an integral member of the varsity softball, football, and volleyball teams and a four-year member of the Arista National Honor Society. A sought-after chavrusa, Avi will be attending Yeshiva Aderes HaTorah next year in Yerushalayim.

Yeshayahu Leff: General Studies Salutatorian

Yeshayahu Leff: General Studies Salutatorian. Yeshayahu is a wonderful young man whose talents shine in many areas, ranging from his pitching talents on the softball team to his clear understanding in shiur. Yeshayahu is always at the top of his game, and his rapport with friends and rebbeim brings a ruach to whatever he is a part of. He is a prolific writer who contributes regularly to the weekly Ateres HaShavua Torah publication and is a member of the Torah Bowl team. Quick to get the guys talking with a joke or comment, he strives to make those around him smile. A four-year member of Arista and a yearbook contributor, with his unbridled confidence leading the way, he is sure to succeed in any area he applies himself. Yeshayahu will be attending Yeshivas Yishrei Lev in Tel Stone next year.

Dovid Samson: MAY Limudei Kodesh Valedictorian

Dovid Samson: Limudei Kodesh Valedictorian. The phrase “Samson never loses” wasn’t coined at random. Dovid is co-captain of the Torah Bowl team and plays a major role on both the varsity football and softball teams. But it is not his success that makes him so well-liked. Dovid is a good friend who is always interested in what one has to say and is always there to laugh at your jokes—even if it is not deserved. He is the editor of the Ateres Yaakov Star student newsletter, a vaccinating volunteer for the JCCRP, and a valued friend. Not only does Dovid display his genius in the classroom, he also uses it to win every fantasy league imaginable. With his combination of brilliance and kindness, Dovid is sure to go far in life. Dovid will be attending Yeshivas Shaalvim next year. 


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