On erev Ta’anis Esther, Mesivta Ateres Yaakov held their annual Purim mesibah, with a pizza dinner, live music, a talent competition, a costume contest, and a Purim shpiel compliments of the senior class. It was definitely an a-MAY-zing event by all counts.

The evening began with a delicious dinner followed quickly by enthusiastic dancing in true Adar spirit as the live music enhanced the atmosphere. It was heartwarming and uplifting for all! Talmidim arrived at the mesivta in full Purim gear, posing for pictures and videos with their rebbeim.

Rabbi Yaffe conducted his annual costume contest, judged by the volume of cheering from the talmidim’s peers, and it got pretty loud!

As always, the highlight of the evening was the annual talent competition, which included renditions of classics, original musical compositions, amazing juggling, and incredible dancing. Talmidim had a blast cheering on their peers and singing along with their friends. Concluding the talent competition, s’gan menahel, Rabbi Yossi Bennett, together with a number of the rebbeim, performed the fifth edition of their original satirical composition, “Don’t Call It South Shore” which is always a crowd-pleaser.

The mesibah closed with the annual Purim shpiel provided by the senior class with some surprise faculty members contributing shpiels of their own.


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