By John Odonoghue

NYCHSRO/MedReview CEO Joseph B. Stamm commemorated his 40th anniversary with NYCHSRO/MedReview which services the healthcare industry alongside a celebration of his 70th birthday milestone celebration at a high-profile gathering at the Battery Gardens.

Over the past four decades, MedReview has distinguished itself in its ability to help its diverse group of clients maintain quality cost-effective healthcare service. Its client base consists of labor groups, governmental agencies, and managed care organizations. MedReview’s continued mission is to provide customer satisfaction which has become its trademark.

Mayor de Blasio, a close friend of Mr. Stamm was the featured speaker at the evening’s festivities, speaking of his personal friendship and years of service to New York. “… the 40 is an amazing statement on both your capacity, your intelligence, and your ability, but also the way you have gathered together people and the loyalty you have to the people you employ and the people you serve. And one thing you know about Joe Stamm, he is just a good man, he’s a loyal good man … and he’s what we call a mensch, he is he is someone who’s got his feet on the ground, cares about the people in his life and is consistent and kind and good.” – effused Mayor de Blasio in praise of Mr. Stamm.

The event, in Mr. Stamm’s words, was less about him and more about promoting the good work the company he shepherds does. Joe’s modesty aside, but during the course of his career at MedReview, the company has saved clients over a billion dollars since its inception. Buoyed by his personal success, Joe and his staff have sent medical professionals across the globe following natural disasters, namely the 2010 tragic earthquake in Haiti.

The board and staff of NYCHSRO/MedReview, along with Joe’s close family and friends, made up the lively crowd during the delivery of a series of tributes by city leaders. Towards the close of the evening, Joe revealed a flag flown over the nation’s capital in his honor, on Independence Day no less.

Public Advocate James roused the crowd with her enthusiastic cheering of Joe’s philanthropy, dedication, and incessant modesty despite reaching the peak of success. She later proclaimed September 8th “Joseph Stamm Day” in New York City.

The savory food, kind words, were devoured by all. Children danced, adolescents reveled, and the crowd gave all they had to break Joseph Stamm out of his modest-cloak and make him realize the great works he has done. As the lingerers departed, Joe remained, surrounded by his closest NYCHSRO/MedReview friends, and thanked all for their presence, throughout his career making it all possible.

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