Mayoral candidate Erick Salgado, the only candidate in the Democratic primary for mayor who believes in traditional family values, has received the endorsement of Rabbi Chai Twersky, the Grand Rabbi of Rachmastrivska, adding to his previous endorsements.

Salgado received the Rebbe’s endorsement and blessings during a private meeting at Rabbi Twersky’s Boro Park shul Monday evening. “I am most honored to have not only been blessed by, but to have received the endorsement of, Rabbi Twersky. Rabbi Twersky’s endorsement is additional acknowledgment that my belief in traditional family values and the reestablishment of a hands-off-religion policy in City Hall are consistent with those of the frum community. I discuss these ideals publicly and practice them privately because they are important to me and I believe they are important for our society as well,” Salgado stated.

“I want to thank Rabbi Twersky for his personal support,” Salgado concluded. The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10. v


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