Mesivta Ateres Yaakov’s fall melaveh malkah for parents and sons, held in the mesivta’s spacious social hall Motzaei Shabbos, Parashas Vayeitzei, was a huge success. The event–organized by the mesivta’s Mother’s Association and Rabbi Noach Haller, the director of development–was attended by over 150 people, who enjoyed a fun evening of Torah, comedy, and social interaction.

“The tremendous involvement and dedication of our Mother’s League was the key ingredient for the success of the evening,” commented Rabbi Haller. “It’s a testament to the dedication our parent body has towards their children’s chinuch.”

The evening opened with divrei Torah from Chezky Friedman, a current twelfth grader at the mesivta. He compared the miracle of Hashem combining the stones on which Yaakov Avinu rested his head to the mesivta’s unique collage of students. He expressed his hakaras ha’tov to the administration, his rebbeim, his teachers, and his own parents for guiding him through his formative years. Following the talmid d’var Torah, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, menahel of the mesivta, formally introduced the evening, which included a siyum on Mesechtas Shekalim.

The main entertainment for the evening was a performance by the interactive improvisation experience ComedySportz, which provided wholesome enjoyable entertainment for parents and sons alike. The participants enjoyed a lavish fleishig buffet and Viennese table, and competed for various raffle prizes.

The event was an opportunity for parents to meet their peers and share a fun evening with their sons, and also an opportunity for all to enjoy an evening grounded in Torah. v


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