MAY - Tzedakah

It is an unparalleled Kiddush Hashem when Klal Yisrael bands together to help fellow Jews in need, particularly when they are “strangers” on the other side of the globe. The outpouring of support, help, and tzedakah for the families of the four tzaddikim slain in the terrible Har Nof massacre has been incredible. It has touched Klal Yisrael in a significant way and has really unified us all.

The talmidim of Mesivta Ateres Yaakov initiated a special tzedakah campaign through which they have pledged to provide continued assistance to the yesomim of the four kedoshim. The concept is to connect the talmidim with the yesomim themselves–children helping other children. Students have been pledging $5 a month through the end of the school year to a particular child of one of the four families. In an unprecedented response, over 180 boys have already signed up and, in the month of November alone, raised over $1,000. The long-term goal is to raise $7,500 and to branch out to other yesomim as well. By doing so, the talmidim are not simply “sending a check,” but developing within themselves the middah of being a ba’al chesed.

The program is being spearheaded by student activities coordinator Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield, together with Arista president, senior Dani Feit, and a number of other student volunteer representatives.

The menahel, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, praised the program: “By accepting upon themselves to contribute on an ongoing and consistent basis, our talmidim are internalizing the crucial message of nosei b’ol im chaveiro, truly carrying the burden of their fellow Yidden.”

The campaign has been labeled Shomer Achi, reminding talmidim that we are our brothers’ keepers.


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