It looks like Cupid has traded in his arrow for a badge.

Police Officer Albert Mammon, 32, played matchmaker on the Coney Island Boardwalk earlier this summer – and this month, two of the lovebirds he introduced got engaged.

It started as a quiet night in Coney Island on May 23, and though it wasn’t still springtime, a young officer’s fancy turned to love.

Mammon said he spotted a trio of long-skirted young women celebrating their last college final and another threesome of men further down the historic plankway.

Police Officer Albert Mammon introduced Chava Dan, 20, and Mordy Steinmetz this past spring on the Coney Island Boardwalk. The two lovebirds plan to marry on Sept. 2

Mammon advised the yarmulke-wearing men to approach the women.

“I was doing it more for safety,” said Mammon.

Initially, the women were not impressed. “[The men] asked where we were from. We said, ‘Brooklyn – now bye,’ ” recalled Chava Dan, 20.

But Mammon would not be deterred, ordering everyone to “be a little nicer.”

“You can’t let things like that just go,” he remembered.

In the end, the group hit it off, especially the Boardwalk beauty Dan, a psychology student at Touro College, and Mordy Steinmetz, 23, a retail store worker. The two embarked on a whirlwind romance, which culminated in a candlelit dinner proposal on a Park Slope rooftop.

“It was just perfect,” Dan said.

Her friends, Rutty Gottlieb, 20, and Chevie Boland, 19, wanted to share the good news with the cop, who they discovered worked out of the Coney Island stationhouse.

To their surprise, Mammon’s colleagues immediately knew who they were talking about – once they explained he frequently used comical Yiddish phrases.

The bachelor cop plans to attend the Sept. 2 nuptials.


  1. They look adorable together, they should be happy forever together and raise a nice Jewish family B’ezrat hashem

  2. The cop should be watching crime, not “girls with long skirts”.

    But mazal tov anyways and let them build a Bayit Neemon B’Yisroel


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