By Malka Basrky

TEAM Education Services, an organization that is mandated to assist the Orthodox Jewish community, allows students with a yeshiva or rabbinical BA (and those with traditional BA’s) to enroll in an accredited and recognized master’s degree program in business that is less than half the tuition of most programs. The program starts in April 2013, a two weeks after Pesach ends.

A huge step forward for yeshiva students looking to move ahead, this frum MBA program is nationally accredited, government recognized, FAFSA loan approved, and accepted by all employers and schools. Through the great efforts by TEAM Education, all AARTS yeshiva BA’s are accepted and the tuition is heavily discounted to under $8,500, complete.

Students have a choice of doing the program 100% correspondence from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, or, if they live in the area, to take advantage of the in-class courses in a comfortable frum setting in either Brooklyn or Queens. TEAM Education is pleased to discuss how they have partnered with high-caliber universities to offer these accredited MBA degrees. Total tuition has been reduced to under $8,500 in total–paying class by class as students’ progress through the program.

There are six different MBA areas of business concentration to choose from for the April 2013 start date: general, finance, information management, pharmaceutical marketing and management, project management, and entrepreneurship.

TEAM helps students compete in the job market and prepares them for continued academic and business pursuits. A vast majority of TEAM students report being employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of their start date. This is because students gain relevant skills and credentials that make them stand out in job searches.

TEAM can also help connect students with employers and recruiters from graduate and professional schools. TEAM faculty and alumni mentors, career specialists, and visiting professionals offer valuable insights, advice, and contacts. Students develop the confidence and skills to take control of their career before they graduate.

Students can enter with a yeshiva/rabbinical B.A. No other prerequisites are required. Yeshiva or traditional B.A. graduates or individuals with vast work experience can be confident that their MBA degree will yield career advancement and lifelong dividends, not to mention incredible tuition savings!

TEAM understands that earning a degree may be exciting and also stressful at the same time. This is why they customize courses to address specific student’s needs. They can put a program together based on personal requests and identifiable skills. TEAM staff works with students to explore their needs before they start.

An accredited degree from a top-tier university will propel students into higher salary brackets, enabling them to achieve financial goals previously beyond reach.

To contact the TEAM Education office about the April 2013 start date, students can call 347-560-TEAM or visit to register or for more information. Your degree is closer than you think! v


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