This past Monday, February 18, Machon Basya Rochel Seminary, located at 137 Lawrence Avenue in Lawrence, hosted its semi-monthly yom iyun. The room was packed with attendees who were treated to three distinct lectures on the topic of Purim. The program began with Mrs. Shoshana Jaeger speaking on “Finding the Meaning of Purim in the Megillah,” followed by Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein posing the question “How Green was Esther?” Rabbi Rubinstein is an internationally acclaimed speaker, the most recent addition to the MBR faculty. Rabbi Rubinstein gives a weekly lecture for women at the seminary on Wednesdays, 11:30—12:30, entitled “Pirkei Avos: Walking in Wisdom’s Footsteps.” The lecture series analyzes the commentary of the Alshich HaKadosh to discover the wisdom and advice of some of the greatest minds of Klal Yisrael. The yom iyun concluded with MBR menaheles, Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, discussing “The Real Theme of Mishloach Manos.”

Machon Basya Rochel is committed to providing excellent learning opportunities for women of all ages. For more information or to dedicate a shiur, please call 516-362-5000 or e-mail v


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