Cleaning Products

Greatest exposure to harmful chemicals happens while cleaning, when skin contacts the product, as well as by inhalation of poisonous vapors. The poisonous chemicals are likely to penetrate our bodies and cause damage hours and even days after exposure.

Avoiding Injury

  1. Remove cleaning products from reach of children. Clearly write and mark the packaging stating that it is a cleaning product and not food.
  2. Make sure to leave the remains of the cleaning products and medicines in their original packaging.
  3. Remove food away from the area before cleaning.
  4. Make sure to wear closed shoes while cleaning the house. This can prevent slips and burns from the cleaning products on the soles of your feet.
  5. Babies tend to put everything into their mouths. Often residue of cleaning products are left all over the house. Make sure to wash the floors well and remove the chemicals.
  6. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding should avoid being exposed to chemical, poisonous materials.
  7. Read the instructions on the package and make sure that the item is friendly for use and for the surroundings.
  8. Make sure not to mix different types of cleaning products.
  9. Open the windows and air the house after cleaning.


  1. In case of poisoning, dial Hatzolah at 718-230-1000 or EMS at 911 (101 in Israel) and call for an ambulance.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to give any “antidote.” Do not give milk or lemon juice to drink. Causing a person to vomit is dangerous for the victim. Make sure the airways are open and place the patient in a position that is comfortable for him.
  3. In cases where the eyes are affected, wash out the eyes well with flowing water only. Do not rub them! If the irritation, redness, and tears continue, call for an ambulance.
  4. To treat chemical burn injuries, read the instructions on the packaging and call for an ambulance.
  5. In case of slight allergy or local sensitivity, wash the area with water only and act according to the instructions on the packaging. In cases when the sensitivity increases as shown by breathing difficulties or swelling, call for an ambulance. At the same time, sit the victim down.


While baking, cooking, and burning the chametz, move the children away, watch over them, and instruct them to keep away from sources of heat.

Avoiding Injury

  1. Remove hot objects from places reachable by children (kettles, water heaters, baking trays, etc).
  2. While burning the chametz, move the children away and make sure that the fire is under control.


  1. Call for an ambulance! If the victim is on fire, roll him in the sand/dust, pour water on him, cover him with a wet blanket (do not cover his head for fear of suffocation).
  2. With localized burns, place the injured limb under lukewarm flowing water only, and calm the patient down.

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