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Safety Recommendations for a Safe and Happy Purim


With Purim Right around the Corner, MDA Shares Guidelines for a Safe Holiday


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, FABRUARY 28, 2017 — Every year, Magen David Adom treats various injuries sustained by kids, teenagers and adults as a result of dangerous games, costumes that don’t meet the required safety standards, and more.


The preparations for the holiday are already underway: most kids have already decided on a costume and parents are lining up to purchase their desired costumes and accessories. MDA has come up with the following safety instructions in order to raise public awareness to Purim’s common hazards.




1.   While making DIY costumes one must ensure to use nonflammable materials. Cotton, feathers and plastic wraps are a few common flammable materials and can dangerous for children and adults alike.

2.   Make sure to purchase costumes that are labeled “fire resistant”.

3.   Only wear costumes that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t wear anything that is too tight or that may cause falling, tripping, etc. You should generally refrain from wearing costumes that are too big or have a trail, and stick to more fitting costumes.

4.   Avoid purchasing costumes that include laces, ropes or strings longer than 20 centimeters. These can wrap around ones neck and cause strangulation.

5.   Costumes for toddlers mustn’t contain small accessories that can be ripped off and end up in their mouths.

6.   Avoid approaching fire when wearing a costume. Keep your distance from ovens, stovetops, cigarettes, etc.

7.   Sprays of all sorts must be used carefully. Hairspray for example is highly flammable, and mustn’t be sprayed on the face or body as well as near a source of fire, as it can quickly catch fire and cause permanent harm.

8.   Accessories such as swords and knives should only be made of soft materials.

9.   Costumes must only be washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Inappropriate wash may damage the costume’s resistance to fire and therefore endanger the person wearing it.

10. Purim makeup must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

11. Masks without proper air vents could cause asphyxiation and even loss of consciousness and must be avoided.

12. Don’t let children cross the street with a mask on. Masks substantially reduce a child’s field of view, which could result in car accidents.

13. Make sure your kids know to maintain distance from cigarettes, ovens or any other fire source, as their costumes could catch on fire.

14. Make sure that plastic rattles aren’t cracked or broken in order to prevent injuries. Pay close attention to rattles that contain small decorations in order to avoid asphyxiation.


Cap guns and firecrackers:


1.  All sorts of firecrackers are strictly forbidden. They may cause severe burns, eye injuries and in some cases even limb amputations.

2.  Toy guns that fire plastic bullets are prohibited as well. They may cause severe, sometimes irreversible contusions when hitting different body parts such as the neck, head, eyes, limbs or abdomen.

3.   Paper caps should only be used with their designated toy guns. Don’t place them in other kinds of guns in order to avoid fires and damage.

4.   When purchasing a cap gun make sure it has a bold colored safety stopper.

5.   Don’t use any kind of gunpowder.

6.   Don’t keep caps and firecrackers in your pockets, as they may detonate.

7.   Don’t fire cap guns near the eyes or ears as to avoid severe, irreparable damage.


Misholoach Manot:


1.   In Mishloach Manot designated for children five years old or younger, do not include miniature toys or food that may cause asphyxiation such as round bubble gum and hamantaschens filled with nuts, peanuts or almonds.

2.   If you include miniature toys in the Mishloach Manot, wrap them before adding into the basket so that it doesn’t touch the food.


Here’s How to Keep Yourself Safe:


1.   In case of a fire, lay down the victim and roll them in sand or dirt, put the fire out with a large amount of water or a wet blanket. Make sure to not cover the victim’s head to avoid asphyxiation. Additionally, do not remove burnt pieces of clothing or apply oily ointments on burns. Burns should be cooled with tepid, running water only.

2.   In case of impaired hearing as a result of loud noises, turn to your family doctor.

3.   In case of an allergy to makeup and face paint, remove the material from the skin. If you experience swelling and sensitivity associated with symptoms such as a breathing difficulty, itching or swelling, sit the patient down and summon MDA by dialing 101.

4.   Make sure to have a standard first aid kit at any Purim celebration or event hosting a large amount of people.

5.   In case of any emergency, rapidly summon MDA teams by dialing 101 and follow the dispatchers’ instructions over the phone until medics arrive on the scene.


Warning statement: In no way, shape or form do these guidelines represent a replacement for treatment or diagnosis beyond your first aid knowledge. These guidelines do not aim to replace professional rescue efforts. In any medical emergency, seeking professional medical help is advised. It is also recommended to enroll in one of MDA’s first aid courses to expand your knowledge on preliminary medical treatment.


The Megila (declaration) of Purim says that it is a great Mitzva to drink on Purim, however, some people take this Mitzva very seriously to the extent of loss of consciousness and alcohol poisoning. Every year, MDA treats numerous patients suffering from alcohol overdose.


In light of the rise in alcohol consumption, cases of violence under the influence and lack of awareness to the dangers of driving under the influence, mainly among youngsters, Magen David Adom would like to reinforce, especially with Purim coming up, that alcohol consumption is permitted, but dangerous. Drinking should be done responsibly, moderately, and in the company of a sober designated driver.


·         Refrain from over consumption of alcohol! Alcohol overdose can cause poisoning and even death in certain cases. Studies show that alcohol evokes violence in people. Additionally, driving under the influence in prohibited.

·         The physiological risks that may result from alcohol consumption include foolishness, confusion, memory loss, severe coordination dysfunction and fatigue. In severe cases, the drunk individual may fall into a coma or even stop breathing and die.


In case of an emergency, please follow the following instructions:


·         Pull the patient away from danger zones such as roads, balconies, electric machines, vehicles, etc.

·         If the patient is unconscious and isn’t breathing, begin resuscitation immediately and call MDA by dialing 101.

·         In case the patient vomits, turn her or him on their side. Do not let them drink coffee or any other liquid, due to a loss of reflexes they may inhale the liquid into their lungs and choke.


·         Do not leave bottles of liquor unattended! MDA urges not to leave any glasses or bottles of liquor unattended at parties as others may insert these with chemicals and drugs.

·         Refrain from entering over crowded spaces: those who intend on celebrating the holiday at large parties are requested to check the space’s guest capacity and refrain from being trapped in areas where capacity exceeds the permitted amount.

·         Parents: MDA would like to reinforce patent’s to make sure individuals under the drinking age do not consume alcohol.


Magen David Adom Director General, Eli Bin: “In order for us all to enjoy the holiday and refrain from unnecessary injuries, I encourage parents to prevent their children from wearing improvised costumes and using dangerous firecrackers as they may cause severe injuries. Every year MDA treats children and teenagers that could have avoided injuries had they only followed precautions. Additionally, following the rise in alcohol consumption among youngsters, parents must be aware of the phenomenon and explain youngsters about the dangers it entails. MDA wishes everyone a happy and safe Purim holiday.”

For more information please contact the International Newsdesk of Magen David Adom: Bar Zukerman +972-524448998 & Lia Averbuch +972-525999166


About Magen David Adom:


Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first responders for the state’s more than 8 million people. For more information, please visit, our Twitter or our Facebook. 



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