Magen David Adom has been a full member of the International Red Cross Society since 2006. As is customary in most of the Red Cross societies around the world, Magen David Adom operates in Israel, and as part of its humanitarian activities, houses the tracing department.

The tracing service is used by people who have been separated from their families due to wars or disasters and is run in partnership with national Red Cross societies around the world, the International Tracing Service (ITS), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The tracing department holds a special place in Israeli society, where many Holocaust survivors, their families, and descendants who lost contact with their relatives during the war seek information about their fate.

In the framework of the applications received, the unit handles tracing family members whose contacts were lost, requests to locate documents, assistance in locating graves, and more.

Between Holocaust Memorial Day in 2017 to the present, MDA has received some 200 new inquiries, and since 2008, the unit has received 3,800 requests for assistance locating relatives and receiving information. In most cases, relatives or documents attesting to the fate of the family were found, and in six cases brothers and sisters were reunited, some of whom did not know each other.

“Most of the requests received by the unit are from families of Holocaust survivors who wish to locate information about their loved ones. Due to the general sensitivity and importance of family reunification and the receipt of information about the family and the Holocaust in particular, we treat and act in every possible way and with all possible factors in order to locate information for the applicants,” said Shulamit Rosenthaler, who is in charge of the MDA Tracing Department.

“The Tracing Department in MDA has managed to unite many family members over the years and to receive information on many more cases that have come to our doorstep,” said MDA Director General, Eli Bin. “I have no doubt that thanks to its hard work we will be able to experience more exciting reunions.”

For inquiries, call 036301464, fax 037305983, or email


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