Robert Remin

By Robert Remin

First, thank you, 5TJT readers. Your responses to my recent articles and ads have been overwhelming. I thank those of you who are now clients for your business, and to those who are on the fence and still think the HD Plan is too good to be true, it makes sense to pay a carrier $90 per month for drugs that cost under $5 each, and you can navigate the Medicare maze yourself. “Good luck,” per the response from the bad guy to Liam Neeson in the movie “Taken.”

If you are reading this on Shabbat, the annual enrollment period (AEP) deadline has passed, but per last week’s article (“Medicare AEP Crunch Time — “Not,” November 29) if you have a Supplement/Medigap plan you can change to another Supplement/Medigap plan anytime during the year.

For those who have an Advantage plan and were bombarded by carrier media ads, calls, print ads, and mail arriving every day, all screaming that you must change now before the AEP deadline of December 7 (December 6 if shomer Shabbat) here’s a new fact none of those entities mentioned.

It’s called OEP — open enrollment period — which began in 2019. It runs from January 1 to March 31 each year and you can change your Advantage plan to another Advantage plan at that time. You can go back to original Medicare only, which will not make sense unless you want to risk having a major financial health event. There are also income-related situations that allow you to change any plan to any other plan during the year in New York. Please contact me for details regarding income-related changes allowed.

To conclude, here are some calls I received, along with my responses:

“I never heard of that company that does the HD plan. Are they sound?” They are a major insurer with over $22.5 billion in assets.

“I read your HD article, have a degree in molecular biology, and don’t want to leave the carrier I have.” So even though the carrier makes no difference in Medicare Medigap plans per the article you read, you want to keep paying $3,600+ per year instead of having the same coverage for a maximum of $3,180 per year regardless of what type of health year you have.


It’s amazing to me that someone with that level of education doesn’t get it.

“Hello, Robert, I read your HD article in the 5TJT. Please send me an application so I can sign up as I no longer want to pay $270/month. I worked for IBM.”

I guess IBM brains work differently than a molecular biologist’s!

Robert Remin is a licensed and certified independent agent with all Medicare carriers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He is well versed in wealth accumulation and preservation, innovative tax strategies and design, and can also assist you with your insurance needs. For any questions, or a cost free consultation, contact him at 914-629-1753, email, or visit Robert is also available to speak at your synagogue or other organization.


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