Northwestern Mutual's Moshe Alpert

By Larry Gordon

Maybe you are young and have a growing family, are a soon-to-be retiree, or are an aspiring business owner, and your financial future concerns you. Bonds, stocks, ETFs, whole-life insurance, term-life insurance, mutual funds, IRAs — the list of confusing financial terms that need to be navigated is daunting. With different advice coming from all over, how does one correctly navigate it all in such confusing and unstable times?

This is the time when you can use some well thought-out planning and direction that will help assure and solidify your financial future. “I understand the Jewish community’s specific financial needs,” says Moshe Alpert of The Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. “My associates and I live that life and we can help our clients plan for those periods in their lives when they will need money that was invested both thoughtfully and wisely,” Mr. Alpert says.

Moshe Alpert is a seasoned advisor who says that he decided to join the team at Northwestern Mutual after studying their history and very successful track record in preparing their clientele for the challenges of the future. He cites the fact that as of June 2018, the company is managing more than $132 billion in client assets, and has more than $1.7 trillion in life insurance currently in force (S&P Global Market Intelligence. Prepared and calculated by Northwestern Mutual, as of 12/31/2017).

For his part, Moshe Alpert is a bright and articulate young man. He graduated from Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, and received a degree in finance from the Lander College for Men. He is also the grandson of Rav Nison Alpert, the former rav of the Agudas Yisrael of Long Island. Young Mr. Alpert is highly thought of in the community as well as in his industry and is very much in demand to be consulted with by many young growing families, soon-to-be retirees, and business owners who are concerned about planning and securing their economic future.

“I often explain to people the power of small increments that are set aside consistently over time,” Moshe Alpert says. “It is the power of compound interest and consistency that drive a financial plan and can secure substantial savings and wealth.” He stresses the fact that even if one has a financial plan in place, circumstances change — a new child, new job, major expense, etc. — and the plan must adapt to the new circumstances. Therefore, he strongly suggests to review on an annual or semi-annual basis.

The Alpert & Associates Financial offices have recently opened in Cedarhurst and are conveniently located to assist the community in financial planning. The Five Towns community has seen burgeoning growth in the past few years, and the need for a well-established financial planning firm is warranted. Moshe explains that Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune-500 company based in Milwaukee, eagerly approved the Five Towns as a fitting location for an office branch. “To get approval for such an office is not a simple thing,” Moshe notes. “It says a lot about the Five Towns and Northwestern Mutual’s presence is truly an asset for our community.”

One of the issues that Mr. Alpert is focused on, of course, is the matter of his clients owning ample life insurance. “The loss of a member of our community is always a tragedy,” he says. “But life insurance can greatly alleviate the financial burden created by such a tragedy. While one would hope that it would never be necessary, life insurance is something everyone should have.”

Mr. Alpert feels that this simple matter needs more emphasis in our yeshivos and schools; unfortunately, each time a tragedy occurs a promise is made to pursue this avenue and then it is just as quickly forgotten.

In response to this need, Moshe has developed different programs where yeshivos, businesses, and other institutions have created life and disability insurance programs for its members. Inexpensive plans are set up for the various members of the institution and assist them in starting their financial plan. “Through Moshe’s initiative, we have ensured that our kollel members have basic term-life insurance coverage and their families are financially protected in the case of tragedy, G-d-forbid,” Rabbi Moshe Greenspan of the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway kollel says.

Another prime focus of Moshe’s practice is investment planning. While understanding the anxiety that can accompany market investing, Moshe emphasizes the importance of maintaining a long-term strategy and of not getting too fixated on short term volatility. “Many people feel that investing is ‘beyond’ them, but I encourage my clients to gain at least a fundamental understanding in their investments so that they don’t feel too vulnerable during market swings,” he says. He also stresses the fact that “money under the mattress” isn’t necessarily a viable solution. “Inflation and rising costs diminish the purchasing power of money,” he notes. “A sound investment plan can combat this problem even without taking on too much risk.” (All investments carry some level of risk including the potential loss of principal invested.)

Moshe concludes: “I’m excited to educate and assist our community in this important need. A financial plan can easily be implemented if given the proper thought and time.”

Moshe can be contacted through e-mail at, or by his cell number at 718-644-1594. Consultations are free and can be arranged at the client’s location and time of convenience. n


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