When I was pregnant with our first child, there were so many decisions to make, so many new experiences–it was overwhelming. And the bigger picture–that we were going to be responsible for a new life on this earth–filled us with joy as well as awe and trepidation. As we contemplated how to give our daughter the best start possible, we heard from a close friend about Maze Cord Blood. We read more about it and considered it for our daughter.

As a spiritual and religious person, I believe that everything is in G‑d’s hands, and I pray that G‑d will always grant our children safety and that they will know only good health. As a physician as well, however, I have seen the realities of disease and death affecting individuals and families. Therefore, it was clear to me that even as I hope and pray that our children will never need to use it, cord-blood and tissue banking provides an incredible opportunity to do as much as we can as parents to protect our children from future harm.

Once we decided to bank cord blood for our daughter and, on our trusted friend’s recommendation, to use Maze, we were so glad we did. Their prices were reasonable. The instructions for collecting the samples at the birth were clear and simple. Courier pickup of the samples at the hospital happened seamlessly. And throughout the process, Maze provided excellent customer service. When I called, I got a friendly voice on the other end of the line, and prompt and clear answers to my questions. Their Westchester-based location was reassuring to us as well, as we live in Riverdale and could sit with someone at Maze one-on-one if necessary.

We had such a good experience that we chose Maze again for our second daughter, who was born just a few weeks ago. For a parent, the choice to bank cord blood is clearly a smart and reassuring investment. And for the Jewish parent, there’s no better option than Maze Cord Blood. v

Rachel is a proud mom and practicing physician based in Riverdale, New York. Maze Cord Blood is one of the lowest-priced options among all FDA-approved and AABB-accredited cord blood banks, with no annual fees and a $50K quality product guarantee. Maze Cord Blood is currently offering a $400 discount on cord-blood banking services. Visit www.MazeHealthyFuture.com or call 914-488-0057 to learn more about the company’s services.



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