Tamar Lichter
Tamar Lichter

By Dani Elman, 12th grade

At first glance, Tamar Lichter looks like a regular senior at Midreshet Shalhevet High School in North Woodmere. Yet, once you get to know her, you’ll find that she has accomplished far more than your average high-school student. After graduating from HALB and joining with students from 14 other yeshiva elementary schools, Tamar joined the class of 2013 at Shalhevet. Tamar is now a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Tamar says, “I am so grateful to Shalhevet for helping me get so far, challenging me with high-level classes, and encouraging me to be myself and explore creative and interesting hobbies. I am really happy with my college prospects and I appreciate Shalhevet’s excellent college guidance as well as their teachers. They help me do the best I can.”

Tamar has taken four Advanced Placement courses as well as honors classes each year. Shalhevet has a huge variety to choose from; last year Tamar took AP calculus AB and AP biology, and this year she’s taking AP calculus BC and AP English. She finds honors Gemara especially interesting–it challenges her to use new thought processes. Tamar also has enjoyed electives such as studio art, sign language, and Spanish III. Tamar has competed on the school’s College Bowl team all through high school and became the team’s captain as a junior. This year, in addition to heading the team, she helped write the official College Bowl qualifying exam. Tamar also competes with and is captain of Shalhevet’s math team.

With all her intellectual interests, she is still a well-rounded student, with a special interest in art. She has enrolled in Shalhevet’s many art electives. As a sophomore, Tamar won the competition to design the Israeli Day Parade tee, and this past summer she took private art classes to broaden her range of media and techniques. She is currently using her artistic skills to design the set for Shalhevet’s play, an adaptation of Newsies, The Musical. She will also dance in this production. “A Shalhevet education can’t be beat. Shalhevet is preparing me for life. Taking Zionism with Rabbi Yotav Eliach has grounded me in understanding our history and connection with Israel. Business math and economics teach you real-world skills. Shalhevet courses such as machshavah, nashim b’halacha, and Jewish ethics have strengthened my relationship with Judaism. My Shalhevet experience has equipped me with confidence that I can enter the next stage of my life with grace, with the ability to make my own choices. I am confident in the skills I have been taught, and I know that I will be prepared and ready for seminary and college, and beyond.” v


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