By Larry Gordon

Listening to and observing former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Manhattan on Sunday night left me with the following impression. It is perhaps difficult to fathom, but this man might be overqualified to someday soon be president of the United States. On the other hand, it sounds like that is precisely what he is preparing for. Watching Pompeo extemporaneously interface with the crowd was both intriguing and refreshing. I came away from the evening believing that he is the type of figure America deserves as its leader on the world stage.

There were no notes, no teleprompter, and no one pulling him away from the podium to protect him from saying something that might be misunderstood or that would later need to be “walked back.”

Mike Pompeo is a religious man who seems to live his faith quietly rather than preach or seek to convince others to share that faith with him. On another level, it was precisely that faith in G-d, he subtly intimates, that compelled him to encourage President Trump to move diplomatically on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Israeli sovereignty of the Golan Heights.

The Sunday night event was hosted by the Israel Heritage Foundation and its prime moving forces, political activists, and influencers Dr. Joe Frager and Jonathan Burkan. It was indeed a memorable evening and, they said, the first of many more to come.

Mr. Pompeo, 58, will be the perfect age for a president when we arrive at January 2025. He finished number one in his class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point as well as at the top of his class at Harvard Law School. He is obviously smart, thoughtful, and articulate, and one only needs to point that out because our last two presidents did not possess that eloquence.

Though we were supporters of President Trump and still look favorably at what is now his nearly destroyed agenda, his lack of articulation was a pronounced destructive agent of his presidency. Had he been able to manage his thoughts and ideas, he may have still been president today.

For his part, Joe Biden is discovering new ways to damage our country. He still has a long way to go in office, but the conventional wisdom is that a Republican sweep at the polls in November will politically handcuff him so that the damage is slowed if not halted.

Listening to Mike Pompeo, it is clear that he did not agree with all of Mr. Trump’s thoughts and ideas. And obviously he has significant issues with the Biden agenda. But his respect for the institution and office of the president of this country does not allow his criticism to go to extremes.

So with a man like Mr. Pompeo, you are not going to hear the disrespectful references that these days is a matter of routine in political discourse.

The former secretary of state was the guest of the Israel Heritage Foundation, an organization that promotes and advocates for pro-Israel positions and the strength of the U.S.–Israel relationship. Mike Pompeo personifies that exact type of approach. More than anything else that is so admirable is the truth that he brings to what is otherwise routine dishonesty in political life here in the U.S. as well as around the world.

Among the most fascinating aspects of his presentation on Sunday were the details that he shared with the small dinner crowd about the decision-making process that led up to the recognition, finally, of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. To be able to adequately appreciate the boldness of a decision like that one has only to observe the extent of the dishonesty of the current administration—that is President Biden, who considers himself a strong supporter of Israel—on the attitude toward Jerusalem.

On that matter, one of the dinner guests thanked Mr. Pompeo for the important role he played in allowing American citizens born in Jerusalem to list place of birth as Jerusalem, Israel on their passports. Up to that point, if you were born in Israel’s capital, the state department regulation was not to assign Jerusalem that status.

For any political realist to deny the connection between Jerusalem and Israel in 2022 is a display of unbridled deception. But still today, the Biden administration is promoting the idea of a two-state solution and the division of Jerusalem. In light of the terror attacks of the last few days the question needs to be pondered—is this about Jerusalem as a capital city, about two states, or can we break it all down and simplify it and say that it is about the senseless hereditary thirst to murder Jews?

On the matter of Jerusalem, it is important to note that newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said last week that Jews living in Judea and Samaria and in East Jerusalem “infuriates” him. The Biden administration, in the person of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was in Israel last week, warned Israel about demolishing illegally built Arab homes in Shimon HaTzadik and other areas of the country.

It is difficult to argue that this type of talk from a high-level American diplomat does not encourage terrorism and the murder of Jews. Over the last week, 11 Jews have been murdered in Israel, and the best you can get from the Biden administration is the urging for both sides to keep calm.

Sadly, Israel has been through these types of situations before. There is a way to deal with it, and that is once again cracking down on the openness of the borders between the territories and central Israel. Just last week Prime Minister Bennett announced that an additional 20,000 people will be allowed into Israel daily from Gaza. Hopefully, the Bennett government finds the murder of any Jews anywhere intolerable, and a crackdown is in order.

Terrorism occurs in an environment that allows it and that accepts it as a reality we have to live with. That has occurred in Israel before, and it is crucial that leadership there makes certain it does not occur again, though for those 11 people who were murdered it is too late.

That is not the way Donald Trump or Mike Pompeo saw things, and that is how Jerusalem became recognized as a matter of U.S. policy as Israel’s capital city. The former secretary talked about how he, the president, and the foreign policy team arrived at the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital. When they arrived at the decision one morning, Pompeo said that Trump told him he wants it announced the afternoon of that very day.

Of course, no one was certain about what the reaction would be on the Arab street, so Pompeo asked Trump to wait a day so that he could call around and speak to some foreign leaders. The president granted him an additional 24 hours. The conventional wisdom was that recognizing Jerusalem would cause riots throughout the Arab world. But the deed was done, nothing happened, and today it is a reality.

So is Mike Pompeo too smart and too accomplished to be president of the United States someday? Right now, it certainly does look like that. But then again, he is exactly what the people of the USA need.

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