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By Larry Gordon

It was just a few hours ago that we were sitting at a dining room table with Rachel Frankel in Nof Ayalon here in Israel.  It was two hours before she would sadly learn that the Hamas terrorists that kidnapped her son 18 days ago had murdered him and his two friends.  Through the ordeal she showed and displayed faith and hope that the boys would be okay and that they would be home soon.

But that was not to be as we learned earlier today with the announcement that the bodies had been found in an empty field near Hebron.  Preliminary reports are saying that the boys were killed almost immediately after they were taken.  Ms. Frankel is poised and articulate and was confident that her son would be home soon.  As we sat and talked about the ordeal that had catapulted her into the limelight and I speculated about her becoming a national personality she shook her head in the negative and said that all she wanted was to get back to her profession of teaching Torah to young women in Israel.

I asked her what she imagined the condition they were being held in she said she really did not want to go there but that she was hoping that they were together.  It was somewhat of a prophetic thought.  More in this week’s 5TJT.


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