Edison, NJ – A massive rally by Israeli Rabbis that was planned in the United States to protest the draft of Chareidim in Israel has been canceled.
VIN News has learned, that despite the logistical difficulties that was solved, and this morning a permit was granted for the event to be held in Edison, NJ, the Belzer Rebbi has informed the Organizers that he does not plan to attend.
The Gerrer Rebbe, who has been a driving force behind the rally, has told his advisers that he will not attend as well since the Belzer Rebbi called off his attendance.
The rally, which was intended as a show of solidarity for those opposed to the drafting of Chareidim into the Israeli army, was to feature an unprecedented number of Chasidic rabbonim, and Organizers were expecting as many as 50,000.
Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in an interview with VIN News last week expressed his concerns about the effectiveness of holding a rally in America to protest Israeli policy.
“This will certainly be a subject of discussion, but I don’t see that a rally here will influence the key members of the Knesset,” Hoenlein told VIN News.
Hoenlein also expressed doubts about how this kind of protest might play it out in the American media.

“If they think the press here is going to be sympathetic, I don’t think so,” said Hoenlein. “They will more likely say that they are shirking their responsibilities.” …read more
Source: 5tjt Facebook Page


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