By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Think of Mega Flights as your connection to the travel industry. With rock-bottom prices and unparalleled service as their hallmark, Mega Flights is the choice of savvy travelers.

Unique in concept, Mega Flights affords its clients great savings on domestic flights. “We offer flat rates within the United States and Canada on flights to five select cities: Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland,” explained Yosef, the company’s personable founder. “The beauty of it is, our customers know that there is always a flight available for them. We do same day bookings and we offer multiple flights, so our customers always have the option of selecting the flight that best accommodates their schedule and needs.” Yosef adds, “We are a customer-oriented business and are committed to providing every one of our clients with the highest standard of service.”

Which is precisely what Mega Flights does. Representing “A New Dawn in the Travel Agency Industry,” Mega Flights is an exemplar of unsurpassed service, expertise, and consummate professionalism that has garnered the company an impressive customer base. Do you need to book a last minute flight to one of Mega Flight’s core destinations? Not to worry; you will have the option of several flights to choose from!

Are you hesitant to call and book your flight due to the lateness of the hour? It’s almost 10:00 p.m. now and you must book a morning flight. What are the chances of Mega Flights being open at this late hour? No problem here! Mega Flights is available to accommodate your travel needs at any hour. Just give them a call or e-mail and leave the rest to the travel experts. With Mega Flights, you’ll feel as though you are dealing with family. Little wonder they have earned a sterling reputation for their signature service, incredible prices, and integrity. That their customers are their best advertisements is not surprising; the savings on every flight is extremely strong.

Among the many outstanding features that has made Mega Flights a customer favorite is their fabulous simcha deal. If you are planning or will be attending a simcha and traveling to one of Mega Flights’ core destinations, mazel tov and be sure to reach out to them for details.

Redefining the air travel experience to an art, Mega Flights specializes in first class international flights, affording customers substantial savings, as well as the ultimate in service. Savor your next travel experience by booking your flight with Mega Flights. For further information, please call 347-321-7997, e-mail, or see their ad on page 16. v


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