Simone Healthcare Development’s deal with Lawrence School District 15 includes provisions for a 10-year property tax abatement on the proposed medical center in Woodmere, opponents learned on Tuesday.

Simone’s 27-page contract to buy the Number Six School from the school district also does not mention Mount Sinai Hospital or stipulate that it is actually under contract to operate the mega-medical center once built.

“This contract raises frightening prospects for homeowners in the Five Towns,” said opponent Joshua Schein, organizer of the Community Coalition of the Five Towns (CC5T), a grassroots group working to thwart the March 20 referendum and block the sale of the Number Six School to Simone.

“Our property taxes could skyrocket if Simone actually gets a 10-year tax break. Plus, this mega-medical center would put an enormous financial strain on municipal services that we already pay for,” Schein said. “That would cost homeowners even more money.”

Simone Healthcare plans to convert the Number Six School and its 6.7-acre tract on Church Avenue into an enormous regional healthcare complex and urgent-care clinic, open 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, to serve thousands of outpatients daily.

CC5T members oppose the center because it would turn already bad traffic on Rockaway Turnpike and on Peninsula and Branch Boulevards into maddening gridlock and bring motorists looking for shortcuts onto residential streets throughout the area.

The Community Coalition says the proposed Center would attract strangers into residential neighborhoods, put families and children at risk, drive down property values, overburden municipal services, and threaten local physicians’ practices.

Learn more about the Community Coalition for The Five Towns at or contact them at 516-405-0423 or v


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