Distributing toys and games to children in the South
Distributing toys and games to children in the South
Distributing toys and games to children in the South

Due to the state of emergency in Israel during Operation Projective Edge, Meir Panim responded to the various needs of Israeli soldiers by distributing much-needed food and supplies to the tens of thousands defending Israel on the front lines. Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Meir Panim has delivered more than 5,000 care packages to soldiers stationed along the Gaza border.

Meir Panim vigorously collected food, clothing, toiletries, and other items for soldiers. In conjunction with the police, who worked to distribute products across the war zone, volunteers have been packing and distributing tons of supplies to soldiers. In addition, families baked cakes and desserts in their homes, giving them to Meir Panim volunteers to bring to the front lines, and offering soldiers a taste of home during this difficult time. The organization also has delivered hot Shabbat meals to soldiers on military bases across Southern Israel and the Gaza border.

“There is no greater comfort in the world like personally receiving supplies or a home-baked treat in the middle of a war zone,” says Yonatan, a soldier coordinating the deliveries with Meir Panim. “We are fighting so that safety and quiet will be restored here in Israel. Knowing that organizations like Meir Panim and individuals from across Israel care about us so much gives us renewed strength to carry out our mission. I feel that all of Israel has become one family in this turbulent time.”

Meir Panim also has coordinated care packages for families in the South, with toys and snacks to keep children entertained during these difficult, long summer days. In the southern town of Dimona, Meir Panim’s free restaurant has been distributing meals to the needy. All of these preparations fill a tremendous need for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis in crisis.

In recent weeks, “thousands of individual volunteers have been working all day to give our soldiers and needy families in the South everything that they need in this time,” says Shmuel Levy, director of logistics of Meir Panim. “From hot Shabbat meals and socks for soldiers, to toys for children, so many Israelis, from across the country, are stepping up to help, donate, and give. It is without a doubt that thousands of soldiers and families are being reached in this incredibly important project.”

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