Yosef DiGiacamo, MAY valedictorian

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov Class of 2020 High Honors

Yosef DiGiacomo: Valedictorian

Yosef excels in all areas of his life and has been quite busy since he entered MAY. He enrolled in all honors classes, served as secretary of the student government, and was the president of the MAY Arista chapter in his senior year. An extremely bright student, Yosef has always been willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and can often be found helping other students preparing for exams.

Yosef’s talents are not limited to the classroom: He was a member of the soccer team and a senior member of the soccer club. Yosef’s positive spirit, calm demeanor, and acute sense of derech eretz lift the spirits of everyone around him, no matter the circumstance. He will surely continue to accomplish amazing things and be successful in any path he chooses. Yosef is graduating with an overall 99.11 GPA and will be heading to Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Yerushalayim next year.

Chaim Weiss, MAY salutatorian

Chaim Weiss, Salutatorian

Chaim values education, achievement, and chesed. He has a kind and calm demeanor, combined with a razor-sharp intellect that enabled him to skip a grade into the honors shiur and all honors classes. Chaim has maintained an above-average academic record with top grades, while simultaneously being down to earth and always available for friends, whether to help them understand a difficult sugya, prepare for a test, or just to chat and give guidance. Chaim is always eager to learn more and make new friendships, and his character stands out above all else. As captain of the bowling team, he has shown his leadership skills. Whatever path Chaim chooses in the upcoming years, we remain confident that he will shine and lift others with him. Chaim is graduating with a 98.42 overall GPA and will be heading to Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Israel next year.

Aaron Enayatian, MAY Middos awardee

Aaron Enyatian 

Rav Yaakov & Binyomin Kamenetzky Middos, Character & Academic Excellence Award

Aaron is a compassionate, kind, and good-natured individual who is always looking out for the success of those around him. Whether it’s a serious conversation or just a good time, he’s always there for friends. Aaron has the ability to evenly balance all aspects of his life, a skill that is rarely found in someone his age. He excelled academically, was an officer of the MAY Arista chapter, and a key member of both the varsity basketball and softball teams. Aaron is a tremendous ba’al chesed and has grown enormously in all areas of his life since arriving at MAY — demonstrating maturity beyond his years. It is clear that Aaron’s amazing personality will assist him in continuing his development into a true ben Torah and success in life. Aaron is graduating with a 94.38 overall GPA and will be heading to Yeshivas Merkaz HaTorah in Israel next year.


Aryeh Singer, MAY Excellence awardee

Aryeh Singer

Rav Pesach Oratz Hasmodah & Overall Excellence Award

Aryeh has been an exemplary talmid in so many areas — academically, on the basketball court, and as someone highly regarded by his peers. Whatever Aryeh does, he gives 100% of himself, 100% of the time, while trying to put others first. He is soft-spoken and humble despite his many accomplishments: a top student, captain of the varsity basketball team and officer of the MAY Arista chapter. He has shown genuine success and growth in his time at MAY, from the development of his sterling middos to his devotion to learning and becoming a ben Torah. Aryeh will surely be successful in whatever the future holds for him, and he will do so with a smile on his face. Aryeh is graduating with a 94.57 overall GPA and will be heading to Yeshivas Toras Chaim in Israel next year.


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