Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, Rabbi Chaim Wakslak, and Rabbi Elly Merenstein present awards to students

Mesivta Sha’arei Pruzdor, which relocated to the Young Israel of Long Beach several months ago, held a mesibah marking the conclusion of the z’man. All of the talmidim and their parents, as well as members of the Long Beach community, attended the event.

Rabbi Elly Merenstein welcomed everyone and expressed his gratitude to all the individuals who were responsible for the success of the z’man and relocation of the yeshiva. Rabbi Yehoshua Kalish, rabbinical authority of the yeshiva, offered words of chizuk to the talmidim, while Rabbi Chaim Wakslak, mara d’asra, shared his view on the ultimate outcome desired from a chinuch experience.

Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, mashgiach, expressed his gratitude to Hashem that despite many barriers, the yeshiva successfully completed its first z’man. In conclusion, Long Beach City Councilwoman Chumi Diamond distributed welcoming proclamations to each of the students.


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