This past week at Mesivta Yam Hatorah, parents had a chance to hear from their son’s rebbeim and teachers at Back to School Night. The evening opened with a message from the Menahel, Rabbi Eli Zoldan. Rabbi Zoldan spoke of the Mesivta’s belief that to be successful in producing bnei Torah, there needs to be a team effort between the school and parents. It is through this harmonious relationship that we can be confident that our lessons will last a lifetime.

Rabbi Zoldan also spoke about some of the new exciting things happening at the Mesivta this year, such as AP classes and workshops in both the Judaic and Secular departments. Parents then had a chance to hear from their son’s Rebbeim and teachers about the curricula and requirements of their classrooms. Parents walked away impressed by the staff’s professionalism and the challenging program. For further information, please call Mesivta Yam Hatorah at 718-471-7471 or email: v


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