MYHT - Chanania Youseflaleh receives an award from Rabbi ZoldanThe new and exciting shenayimmikrah program is yet another example of the learning opportunities that Mesivta Yam HaTorah offers its students to foster growth and a sense of accomplishment. The success of last year’s program and the positive feedback and feelings it generated created great enthusiasm for it to begin again. This year’s program opened with special recognition to those students who participated last year. These talmidim were acknowledged for their completion of shenayimmikrah for the entire Chumash. Boys who partake in the program have a special opportunity to develop a unique connection to the parashah of the week and a real commitment to halachah. Special trips throughout the year, prizes, and sefarim enhance the program as well. Boys were given time to start the parashah in school, creating a beautiful and overwhelming sight as nearly the entire mesivta ran to grab Chumashim and take part in this year’s program. The encouragement and positive feelings that the boys get from their participation are just some of the things that make Mesivta Yam HaTorah such a special place for boys to grow and learn.

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