Rabbi Nachum Dinowitz
Rabbi Nachum Dinowitz
Rabbi Nachum Dinowitz

By Lorey Friedman

An important lesson that Mesivta Yam HaTorah teaches its talmidim–always to strive and improve, and never be complacent with where one is–was put into action by the mesivta this year as it made many significant improvements.

The administration spent the summer putting together a program that offers opportunities both spiritually and academically. The yeshiva is dedicated to its students’ becoming true bnei Torah in every way.

New principal and faculty assignments. The mesivta welcomed Rabbi Nachum Dinowitz as the new secular-studies principal. Rabbi Dinowitz has had an impressive career of being the science chair in Yeshiva Darchei Torah for the past 18 years. He was the advisor to the Gildor international science competition. He holds a BA in psychology and a master’s in education. His dedication, vison, expertise, and unstoppable energy will, no doubt, uplift the secular department.

The Judaic-studies department welcomes Rabbi Yonah Stern to the faculty. While he continues his important role of program director, this year (by popular demand) he has agreed to be a full-time rebbe as well. Rabbi Stern, with his great ambition and dedication, will also be working with students to improve their reading skills in Gemara and Tanach as well as guiding the staff in methods of teaching reading.

Yam HaTorah students playing volleyball
Yam HaTorah students playing volleyball

Under the superb leadership of menahel Rabbi Eli Zoldan, the staff easily shares a drive to bring out the best in every talmid and focus on their strengths while all the time improving on their weaknesses. Together, Rabbi Zoldan and the roshmesivta, Rabbi Avram Pollak, have created a mesivta with a positive environment for growth, learning, and success.

Learning outside the classroom. While so much goes on in the humble yeshiva, currently housed in the Young Israel of Bayswater, MYHT places great emphasis on the importance of learning outside the classroom as well. The back-to-school barbecue brought tremendous achdus among the four grades. Hot dogs and hamburgers satisfied the hungry teenage boys’ appetites while the intense volleyball tournament exercised their athletic abilities. The winning team was treated to refreshing Slurpees at 7‑Eleven.

Speaking of athletic ability, in addition to the mesivta’s basketball team, called The Wave, MYHT recently had tryouts for the new MYHT football team. Coach Akiva Goldschein of Kew Gardens Hills and his team, consisting of 14 determined and motivated players, hope to have a great season.

Just last week, the whole yeshiva went on a super kayaking trip. Rebbeim and students enjoyed the water and all the fun of a day spent outdoors with friends and mentors. There is no doubt that sometimes the greatest lessons occur outside the classroom.

Clubs and workshops are in formation. Sushi-making, intro to guitar, and other offerings will provide diversity in the boys’ schedules. Students will also be involved in the planning of carnivals, breakfasts, malavehmalkas, and other school and community events, together with the newly formed parents’ association.

Mesivta Yam HaTorah has not taken long to show that it is dedicated to the goal of producing bneiTorah of the highest caliber–boys who learn because they want to learn, not because they are being forced to. The relationships already established between rebbes/teachers and students encourage the boys to strive to be the best they can be. This is only the beginning of what’s in store for the students at Mesivta Yam HaTorah for the New Year ahead.

For further information about the mesivta, please call 718-471-7471 or e-mail mesivtayamhatorah@gmail.com.


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