This past week, Mesivta Yam HaTorah had its annual ninth-grade Shabbaton. The Shabbaton began with indoor rock climbing, which was followed by an inspiring Shabbos filled with divrei Torah and zemiros. The Shabbaton offered an opportunity for the boys to bond with their rebbeim and peers.

The menahel, Rabbi Zoldan, stressed the uniqueness of the rebbe-talmid relationship at shalosh seudos by relating a story: Rabbi Simcha Wasserman was once asked by a college professor, “What is the difference between me and you, since we are both teachers?” In response, Rabbi Wasserman said, “I have never had a student who did not invite me to their wedding.”

On Motzaei Shabbos, the Shabbaton concluded with a drum rhythm workshop, led by Motti Shanet, which focused on teamwork and leadership skills. The boys had a great time jamming together while at the same time learning the importance of listening to each other and working together as a team. v


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