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With Microsoft Office 365, we are conquering the future. In all the stories where a client needs a top-notch productivity suite that ensures ease of access, security, and scalability, this solution quickly comes to mind. And the best news for job-seekers is that there is a need for qualified professionals that know how to work with it efficiently.

For candidates willing to accelerate their path to becoming competent Modern Desktop Administrators, there’s no better starting point than the Microsoft MD-100 exam. Did you know that for only $330, you could become a vital asset to your company in a role that aligns with your monetary goals?

We are talking about the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator certification, ExamTopics MS-100 Tests an associate-level badge that requires you to only pass two exams: MD-100 and MD-101. Below, we’ll review the first one in detail.

Microsoft MD-100 Exam Overview

MD-100 test also called Windows 10, is designated for Administrators whose duties involve managing and monitoring different devices and applications as well as configuring and securing them within an enterprise environment. These specialists should also be knowledgeable in implementing and designing an effective device strategy so as to help an organization achieve its business objectives.

Applicants for this test are asked to have skills in managing identity, policies, access, updates, and apps. During the assessment, they should tackle 40-60 questions to verify their abilities in deploying and maintaining Windows, managing devices and data, and providing connectivity configuration.

Certification Path

As was said above, you have to achieve a passing score in the Microsoft MD-100 exam together with MD-101 to acquire your associate-level credential. This badge assesses if you are prepared for the Modern Desktop Administrator role and are ready for all the tasks that may arise in the workplace.

However, this way can be shortened for those candidates who had already taken the Microsoft 70-698 test and passed it with the required mark. If you are lucky to be among these individuals, you should only excel in MD-101 to get accredited.

Certification Benefits

There are plenty of reasons you may want to validate your Modern Desktop administration skills and obtain the badge. And it’s not surprising since the mentioned certification comes with good earning potential (up to $69k annually according to and improved career options. But that’s not the end! Here are more advantages of attaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator credential:

  • Prove your mastery of Windows and now-Windows concept

  • Stay competitive in the field

  • Keep your competence up-to-date

  • Get recognized


Apart from switching up your job profile, the Modern Desktop Administrator role can also make you more likely to get the position you were dreaming of or the desired promotion. Thus, in case you are interested in building a career along this path, one of the first things you must do is to obtain the right technical skills. Then, pass MD-100 assessment alongside MD-101, and you’ll be given the certification! And remember, it’s all in the mindset. The earlier you face your fears and get out of your comfort zone, the easier it becomes to augment your job search.


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