A sample of Shalhevet creative artistry

By Leah Reich

This year, Midreshet Shalhevet has expanded its art curriculum to include a wider range of exciting media and venues of study. In addition to the classes in studio art and computer graphics, both of which are available to students in all grades, many seniors have opted to challenge themselves with Shalhevet’s new Advanced Placement art course. This course, which is taught by Mrs. Naomi Singer, is open to students who wish to explore and hone their talent while receiving college credit.

Shalhevet artists are able to delve into their own unique creative perspective as they improve their skills through experimentation and practice. Thus far, current Shalhevet AP art students have learned to use pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, and chalk pastels. They have created beautiful pieces splashed with color and dimension. From shiny faucets and reflective vases to colorful pumpkins and blue portraits, students are proud to reveal their artistic abilities to their Shalhevet family.

By the end of the school year, each student will have created 24 pieces to submit to the College Board for credit evaluation. The Shalhevet AP art students look forward to continuing to navigate different artistic areas and feel fortunate for the opportunity to participate in this enriching course. v


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