MSH visits fire department


“Chesed is an integral part of our diverse curriculum where we focus on our students’ academic development as well as their personal growth,” explains Menahelet Mrs. Eisenman. She continues, “Understanding the importance of chesed in our daily lives is critical as Torah-observant Jews.”

MSH visits police department

This winter, students from Midreshet Shalhevet (MSH) learned the significance of chesed and then acted upon this vital life lesson. After hearing about the horrific tragedies that took place in Jersey City and Monsey, the MSH student body rallied together to show their support and appreciation for the aveilim and the community’s local law enforcement and fire department.

Members of the senior class accompanied assistant principal, Shaindy Lisker, to the home Moshe Deutsch, z’l, to pay their respects to his mother and sisters. Student Tammy Ziegler explains, “Even though it was extremely difficult to visit the Deutsch family, MSH prepared me on the halachot of visiting someone who is sitting shivah and the greater importance of visiting this family at this tragic time.” “Understanding that we are not just responsible for our friends within our MSH community, but that ‘Kol Yisrael areivim zeh la’zeh,’ we must also care about all of Klal Yisrael, is a vital lesson that we teach all our students,” explains Mrs. Lisker.

Moreover, during shiur klali, all MSH students wrote condolence letters to the aveilim, Mr. Rodriguez’s family, and the fallen police officer Detective Joseph Seals’s family, as well as letters of gratitude for MSH’s local police precinct and fire department. Additionally, members of the student government brought doughnuts and thank-you cards to the local police precinct and fire department expressing their hakarat ha’tov and thanking them for working to keep the school safe every day.

Student government leader and tenth-grader Kayla Feldman said, “I never really thought about how we rely on our local fire department to be there for us until one day we had a fire drill with the fire department and I saw how quickly they arrived on campus. Also, the police department really appreciated our visit and thanked us for recognizing their work.”

MSH clearly is a small school with a big heart, developing both the minds and souls of its students.


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